New CLF Office (2017)

New Courthouse Legacy Foundation office floor plan

Entrance to current office,
a former jail cell

The Courthouse Legacy Foundation’s (CLF) previous office, was a converted jail cell located on the third floor of the Jail Wing.   We petitioned the Board of Supervisors to help secure an appropriate office, and they located a large storage closet, well situated on the first floor of the Courthouse, just off of the Figueroa Lobby.  The space was beautifully remodeled and we have be in our new office since the summer of 2017. Thank you to everyone who supported this important project! 


New office

New office with stunning artwork from local artists for sale









Did You Know...

The Sunken Garden is host to community-wide celebrations around the year. What is often mistaken about this magic place is its layout of stone walls—many are told it is the basement of the former courthouse prior to the 1925 earthquake. This is myth. The sandstone blocks that form the current day landscape were recycled from the older courthouse buildings after the 1925 earthquake.