Ann Kale Making Her Mark on Historic Santa Barbara

For 80 years two chandeliers and the west-facing windows were the only sources of light in the Mural Room. Except in the late afternoon when glare was tremendous, light levels hovered around 1 to 5 fc, according to Kale. She mocked up strategies to light the murals from the existing chandeliers and moldings, but glare and veiling reflections were problematic.

Today, runs of track 6 ft from the walls wash the murals with almost zero direct or reflected glare. The track and petite fixtures, at 20 ft up, are barely visible in the photographs. The track rests on the beams, so there are no penetrations into the plaster ceiling. Wiring comes in through the wall at the top of the beams, and 3000K LED strips along the beams provide uplighting.

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Did You Know...

The Mural Room, once the hearing room for the County Board of Supervisor’s is home to one of the largest installed painted murals in the United States. At just over 4,200 square feet, this mural depicts the early settlement years of California prior to becoming the 49th State. The Mural was painted in four months’ time by Daniel Sayre Groesbeck for just over $9,000.